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Providing Employee Benefits for Educators

We go above and beyond with our experienced team of educational benefits providers.  We understand that employers are juggling more than ever when it comes to benefits and HR - that's where we come in.  

Streamlining Benefits.  Simplifying HR.

Multiple Enrollment Solutions

We offer multiple options for your benefits enrollment.  Employees can meet one-on-one with one of our experienced benefit educators or use the self-service method and enroll online.

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What solution is best for your district and your employees?   We give you options when it comes to your benefits enrollment!

Leading Customer Service

Employees have one number to call for any questions regarding their coverage, claims information and any other question they have regarding their benefits.

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We think less confusion is better when it comes to customer service.   You and your employees call one number for all of your benefits needs.

Best-in-Class Benefits

We represent YOU, not an insurance company. No one carrier can be the best in every situation, which is why we go out to the marketplace to find the best product fit for you and your employees.

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Competition brings savings and superior benefits.   Let us show you how we can save your district and your employees while providing best-in-class products.

Meet Your New Benefits Team

With 39 years of experience, we have exactly what your school needs to give the most value and peace of mind.

Customer service
Director of ebi
VP of Sales

My experience with EBI is that they do what they say they will do. It is refreshing to have agents who have the best interest of our employees as their first priority.

Angela Drummond
Business Manager, Bryant Public Schools

EBi has taken on the task of improving the District's 403(b)/457(b) model. The EBi team came in and implemented a streamlined educational and enrollment process that successfully helped our employees gain a better understanding of the importance of securing their financial future. The results have been exactly what we had been hoping for.

Andrew Hill
Business Manager - Texarkana Arkansas School District

We have been able to keep our open enrollment process the same this year but have the added benefit of online features and billing processes that will be a great benefit for our employees and to our business office. We are excited about all of the technology that is now available to us. It is great that we are able to tailor the implementation of new services and additional technology at a pace that works best for our district.

Tina Wiley
Director of Finance - Cabot School District

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