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Since 1979 EBI has specialized in benefit plans for educators where it provides customized solutions based on the school's needs.

We work closely with your district to better understand your district's and your employees' particular needs and objectives to design a benefits package that is specifically tailored with innovative and cost-effective benefit solutions. In building your benefits package, we will shop the market with every top-rated carrier nationwide, ensuring you receive the best products at the best price. We have NO proprietary interest in any insurance policies we sell.

We have invested in comprehensive resources to support our clients' needs in areas such as:

  • Benefit Selection
  • Technology
  • Legal Compliance
  • Health Care Reform
  • Health and Financial
  • Wellness
  • Employee Education
  • Competitive Bench-marking
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Who We Are

Our expertise and experience in the public school market allows EBI to provide your district with an innovative and comprehensive approach to employee benefits and HR.



Clients About Us

"EBI and it's employees have been a pleasure to work with. My experience with EBI is that they do what they say they will do."

Angela Drummond — Bryant School District

"The most compelling feature realized from utilizing EBI has been the savings on healthcare-related premiums provided to the employees of the District through the Company's diligent and passionate pursuit to providing the most effective benefit plan at the most economical pricing levels available."

Andrew Hill — Texarkana Arkansas School District

"Mr. Starling and his team of dedicated professionals worked tirelessly to provide information and to assure a smooth transition to assist each individual employee."

Jerry Guess — Retired Superintendent

"EBI has been instrumental in helping PCSSD provide its employees with improved benefits while at the same time lowering employer cost an estimated $1.5M per year."

William J. Goff —CFO

"EBI has come to our campus and held employee meetings just so employees can make a more informed decision of which insurance is best for their specific needs."

Bonita Laughard — Hope Public Schools

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